Welcome to the universe of Smirky Bunny, an artist who doodles his way & thoughts, drawing inspirations from his own world of imaginations. A school boy who has been doodling since he was a tiny tot of 5 and a half, has carved his own niche in the world of creation. Smirky Bunny was born out of the idea of ‘The world is my canvas; I create my reality’ and that's how we strive to design our products. The creative mind at work, our little Smirky Bunny has brought life to his quirky & imaginative characters and doodles - ours and everyone’s favorite being the Smirk Monsters.

Smirky Bunny is the nation’s latest youngest, coolest & the most whimsical brand offering a wide range of eccentric products suited for everyone & yes every age. Our products adhere to the quality standards and are all made in India with a dash of love & spoonful of happiness just for you.

Shop along, gift someone, not one or two but a cart full of Smirky Bunny goodies and spread the happiness like we have done by bringing the art out of an iPad and into your lives.

Oh yes, we are based in Bangalore, the City of Lakes (you might have to look for one) as now it is proudly called the Silicon Valley of India. Our Smirky Bunny is already taking care of it by doing his bit & raising awareness through his art. For any queries or issues, relax & feel free to get in touch.

Corporate Presentation

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smirky bunny certificate calarts
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smirky bunny certificate cal arts